Succulents are different – you CAN squish them together. A growing crowd-pleaser has been the Succulent shot glasses. Particularly suited for a medium-sized space in a backyard, this arrangement is great for having several paths leading to glass containers. Don’t overwater succulents, they hate having really soggy roots. This is pressed lightly with the finger. gardener and the "I always forget to water the plants" gardener! Glass can be tricky to grow succulents in, but with a drainage hole it’s a great option! So go for it. Michelle from has a step by step tutorial on how to paint glass jars and use them as a succulent planter. Designed as party favors for a wedding, these little containers are so fun to make and share! Although this particular scene has only three glass decanters, more can be easily added to make a perfect “sea of glass.” Next time when you are done with one of the jams, mustard, or mayonnaise glass jar, don’t throw it away. The idea of keeping succulents indoor, at my aunt’s house fascinated me. Vibrant Succulent Centerpiece. Click here to buy an empty wine bottle planter to make a beautiful arrangement with succulents! Once the succulents have been placed in the jar, gaps are closed with the cactus soil. These vibrant and cute wine glasses will attract many gazes. You don’t need to plant baby ones and wait until they grow big, as you create your DIY succulent bowl, you can plant them all quite tightly up against each other. I then decided to study in detail on arrangements of succulents in glass bowls. … They don’t mind it! How to make a diy succulent centerpiece in 7 easy steps Making a succulent centerpiece is easy and can be done in 7 easy steps within 30 minutes. This simple succulent display is perfect for the "I wish I had more time!" You can collect 3 or 4 and display your succulent plants in them. 3. Succulents can grow in any kind of container and don't need a lot of special care. Succulent arrangements in glass bowls. The succulents can now be put in their new place – if there are several plants, it is advisable to first place the plants loosely next to each other in order to find the right arrangement. The arrangement of succulent in a transparent glass bowl captivated my attention and put me into the wonder of how it beautifies the glance. You will receive: one glass container, measuring 8” 5 healthy succulents Soil Small gravel/rocks Beach sea glass You may receive some materials/plants slightly different from the above photos, but all care will be taken to notify buyer of major differences in materials/plants Care: Inside decor. We also use vintage cordial glasses, candle holders, sake cups… pretty much anything looks great with a succulent arrangement in it. DIY kit containing materials to make your own succulent terrarium. Choose a shallow container that will compliment the succulents and give them a small amount of soil, or moss to grow If you are fond of hanging plants, then you must check out this beautiful arrangement to hang succulents in plastic wine glasses using cotton ropes. Succulent arrangements in glass containers.