0. However, Laura mostly spends time with Carl and it is clear from Season 2’s “His Father’s Son”, that John Jr. does not like to harm animals. In fact, during “Back to School, Part 1”, Caroline refuses to cook even one meal on Sunday as a favor to Harriet. More Trivia! It is very unlikely that Hester Sue, a black female, could have purchased land and concluded the transaction so quickly. Little House on the Prairie (1974–1983) Episode List. Season 8, Episode 1 – The Reincarnation of Nellie Pt. When Doc Baker’s workload becomes too much for one person, arrangements are made for an African-American doctor and his wife to join the community. You can paste URL of the image inside Early in the episode, Jed talks about how he struck it rich, panning for gold. The real-life Laura Ingalls was 45 years old by that time. Description: Harriet has a record of four fainting spells in this episode, and Nancy has one, her first and only one, in the whole series. A present-day couple buy an antique, table with a large "I" branded on it and are curious to learn about its origins. Love seeing these again as I haven’t since they first aired in 80’s. Up until the very last scene, there are absolutely no children who appear in the episode. Why not? 8.2 (195) 0. Fun Fact! 3. However, in the next scene, when Elmer and his father are outside and the school children come to talk to Elmer, it is full daylight. More Trivia! S5, Ep1 . More Trivia! I watched a Memoriam to him with Caroline kneeling at his tombstone. The multitude of ‘big-name’ actors over the 9? This page is a complete list of episodes for the NBC Little House on the Prairie television series. Copyright © 2015-2020 Friendly Family Productions, LLC Contributors | Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | Licensing | Newsletters. Little House on the Prairie Season 3 Episode 1 The Collection - fiveofseven. While on their way home to Walnut Grove after a trip to Mankato, the Ingalls family are unexpectedly snowbound, with little food, at a remote mountain cabin by a late-spring blizzard. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This also happened in Season 5’s “Men Will Be Boys”. Error: please try again. 55:54. Rate. I have been impressed with the many times the show has touched on serious subject matter – race, treatment of Native Americans, disabilities, the age old persecution of Jewish people – all presented fairly on a family show. Little House on the Prairie. 51:42. The adventures of the Ingalls Family continue in Season Seven of “Little House on the Prairie.” The original episodes aired from September 22, 1980, to May 11, 1981. Error: please try again. He is seen for a few seconds outside the little house during Cassandra’s final scene. 2, Season 8, Episode 21 – He Was Only Twelve Pt. When Callahan takes the ledger from the pawn broker’s he put it under his arm. Fun Fact! 55:54. The “Little House on the Prairie” television show is an adaptation of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s best-selling Little House books based on her own life. Rate. More Trivia! Did you know? Little House on the Prairie – Episode Guide – Season 7. Did you know? More Trivia! That’s a great question! Fun Fact! 5 Sep. 1981 The Reincarnation of Nellie (Part I) 8.1 (166) 0. If you watch closely, at one point, you will notice that Doc Baker picks up his phone to speak, and yet the base is not wired to the wall. Fun Fact! This episode marks the first time that we see Charles Ingalls hold one of his grandchildren–Rose, who is his third grandchild. Why would Caroline need to hire a farmhand while Charles is away when her son Albert is nearing young adulthood and pre-teen James is living at home? Laura has decided she wants to spend more time with Rose so the town has hired a new teacher, Etta Plum. Simkl automatically tracks what you’re watching, tells you how many episodes you’ve missed, and connects you to what your friends are into. No, Charles does not die. Harriet delights in spoiling her, but the child is a diabolical monster who creates major trouble everywhere she goes. In this episode, before meeting Dr. and Mrs. Ledoux, Harriet Oleson ignorantly assumes that they are French. seasons was impressive. Contains flashbacks of LHOTP's greatest episodes. The marriage between Almanzo and Laura faces its first test when he falls seriously ill with diphtheria and later suffers a crippling stroke. Description: Did you know? Little House On The Prairie S09E21 May I Have This Dance. Her friend is pregnant and lives at a gold prospector’s camp where there is an outbreak of influenza. 53:37. Rate. Fun Fact! Did you know? Then, in her next scene with the family at dinner, her braids are normal again. In the city no less !! Additionally, it is unlikely that either Caroline or Hester-Sue would have consented to work on Sundays. Rate. A longtime friend of Caroline writes to her and asks for help. Now, Charles and James seem to get to and from Minneapolis – almost double the distance to Mankato – with just one overnight stop each way. In Season 1’s “Harvest of Friends”, however, Charles gives Caroline a key to their front door, and she specifically mentions the feeling of security that it gives her. Caroline, Laura, and Hester Sue share memories of Christmases past. Little House on the Prairie – Episode Guide – Season 1. Rate. Little House on the Prairie Season 10 video, episodes: Look Back to Yesterday, Bless All The Dear Children and The Last Farewell. Required fields are marked *. Hello my dear friends of Little House on the Prairie. The camera cuts to Laura for a moment, then switches back to Willie, whose skin is suddenly completely dry. Ironically, the same actor appeared as a character named Zachariah in Season 3’s “Gold Country”, where he was living on a bed of gold and hated the way money changed people. Based on her history of stinginess and racist behavior, she seems out of character in this episode. not seen either one before. Rate. 2, Season 8, Episode 7 – The Legend of Black Jake, Season 8, Episode 9 – For the Love of Nancy, Season 8, Episode 10 – Wave of the Future, Season 8, Episode 11 – A Christmas They Never Forgot, Season 8, Episode 12 – No Beast So Fierce, Season 8, Episode 17 – Days of Sunshine, Days of Shadow Pt. Fun Fact! Description: 7. 8.3 (195) 0. Laura finds that balancing her teaching duties at school and managing Almonzo's orchard, while he and Charles are gone on a delivery trip to Arizona, too much to handle. And someone ought to explain why Charles When I saw it, the next episode was the very first episode and I had. Little House On The Prairie. Audiences may be surprised how well-written young Cassandra’s essay is. Nancy sings embarrassingly off-key in front of the mirror in one scene. Wouldn’t an investigative journalist with such important records, at least put it under his rainproof coat? 4. Little House on the Prairie season 10 episodes: 01 Look Back To Yesterday, 02 Bless All The Dear Children, 03 The Last Farewell. when reading the comment. Charles and Caroline are about to adopt James and Cassandra, but their Uncle Jed comes forward demanding custody of the Cooper children. When Charles puts a lock on the door, Caroline says they never had to do that before. 7.8 (203) 0. Fun Fact! Season 8. Rate. Hal Smith is best known as Otis Campbell, the town drunk, on “The Andy Griffith Show” that ran from 1960-1968. To add a video paste video url directly into your comment. You will notice that Nancy is arguably more scared and empathetic than she’s ever been in the series. Little House on the Prairie s03e13 Quarantine - Dailymotion In Season 8 of “Little House on the Prairie,” which ran from 1981 to 1982, we get to relive some of the most endearing moments and see some significant changes in the little town of Walnut Grove. Did you know? We have sent instructions to the email address you provided during signup. Rate. Little House On The Prairie S06E22 Sweet Sixteen. I haven’t seen such an episode and was just wondering if any had? Charles and Caroline asks him to do the honors with their newborn son in Season 1’s “The Lord is My Shepherd”, and Laura requests that he be that special person to baby Rose in this episode. S8, Ep1. Why were Cassandra and James not in the newer episodes like when Albert was on drugs? 1, Season 8, Episode 18 – Days of Sunshine, Days of Shadow Pt. The first part of this two-part story is a re-write of the 1972 “Bonanza” episode, “He Was Only Seven”. In the process, nearly everyone in Walnut Grove finds themselves on the wrong side of the criminals. 1, Season 8, Episode 2 – The Reincarnation of Nellie Pt. There was leukemia-stricken young Dylan in Season 5’s “The Odyssey”; diphtheria-stricken Almanzo in Season 6’s “He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not, Part 2”; the wagon accident that killed James and Cassandra’s parents in Season 7’s “The Lost Ones”; and now James is near death from a gunshot wound in this episode. Filed Under: Community Tagged With: About The TV Show, Albert Ingalls, Almanzo Wilder, Caroline Ingalls, Carrie Ingalls, Charles Ingalls, Dean Butler, Episode Guide, Laura Ingalls, Linwood Boomer, Little House on the Prairie, Melissa Gilbert, Michael Landon, season 8, season eight. When Charles is recruiting people in Sleepy Eye to help him hunt down the criminals, why doesn’t he seek out Jonathan Garvey? Did you know? The name “Santa Claus” emerged in the next decade. Rate. Fun Fact! At the invitation of Eliza Jane. Almanzo is eager to begin building a home for himself and his fiancee Laura on the piece of land he recently purchased. Did you know? 5. Claude Earl Jones, who plays Jack Prescott in this episode, appears again in Season 9’s “Home Again, Part One” as a compassionate store owner who drops shoplifting charges against Albert in Burr Oak, Iowa.