If it is as bad as the naysayers say then it will reflect with the ratings anyway =). Yes, me too, little bit worry about the writer. I can't even describe how amazing this drama is, Pete Jun 26 2018 9:12 am Goblin's bride-wannabe Dec 03 2016 10:44 am Lwx Dec 10 2016 8:12 am I like DukHwa, which didn't seem to do anything, does not trouble hisself, but isn't completely stupid or selfish, recalling in the house, everyone that they are who they are. (Btw, I am not a fan of both DOTS and TH). This was outstanding for me. Okay so I never leave reviews but oh my god. smileyme Mar 29 2017 2:22 am I didn't care for the storyline. I loved this drama sooo much! they dragged the same concept on and on. I think the best Kim Eun Sook's drama is secret garden. Most Korean drama with high rating is boring and boring. The actors will have won money but this series should be deleted from their history because it is a waste. This drama will be remembered for all time... But I guess everything has to get crammed in 16 episodes. you should watch it! I'm gonna miss my journey watched this drama. Lee dong wook is so cool! I don't care if she is young... and her real age is not 18y so... Iam waiting fot the kiss scene!!! since Eun-tak has seen the sword, the mistery has been revealed. but... in eps-1 i started to Love ahjussi Gong-Yoo.. what was the purpose of that ring ...its a physical object anyways ..Hope to get answers in next 3. until now i cant move on from goblin :"(((. ❤❤❤. Nana Jan 07 2017 11:00 pm she is s cheerful with goblin but beside that she keeps her problems with calmness. .i love them both.i like Kim Go Eun.she's cute?? Kris Sep 10 2020 4:58 pm 100/100❤️❤️, Zhel May 12 2017 3:57 pm this is the only drama that i never get bored to rewatch all the time. I love it. People have different tastes & preference. I thought this will be aired last night since K2 already ended. Some people bash Kim Go Eun's appearance, but I like her, her unique beauty is necessary in K-drama industry. Many people are complaining about the lead female nor lead couple, but i dont mind, i love them. Dimples Dec 03 2016 7:37 pm I need someone to tell me goblin is not jus 13 ep drama And she's not ugly just too plain to be the main girl here. Ivy Jan 22 2017 12:41 am That's what amazes him how some people can relate to ET's character as if they share the same traits, beliefs etc as her. one number HAN Jİ MİN !!!!!! For someone who feels like puking each time I hear a girl's mosquito voice trying to be aegyo to oppa, that's putting it nicely. There's also something called too much chemistry but maybe just in my dictionary. Song hye kyo. I like their chemistry, personally. Also, I thought the Goblin couldn't see her future? daebak! Let me tell you some trivia: in Movie called Coin Locker Girl/ Chinatown, Kim Go Eun role as child was played by Kim Soo-Ahn, the one who played as Gong-Yoo daughter at Train to Busan. Just watched episode 5. Perfect 1st episode!!! when i thought that i'll never like kdrama again since dots, here i am, like this drama more than i like dots.. the story is so refreshing and unique..the characters are also so natural, like everyone has their funny side, childish side, witty side, pierce side, mature side, and so on.. and the chemistry between every character is superb.. euntak kimshin, wangyeo sunny, kimshin wangyeo, euntak wangyeo, kimshin dokhwa,wangyeo dokhwa, i cant decide which is my favorite.. i like them all.. tsuki Jan 09 2017 6:08 am AriaHaru Dec 10 2016 2:37 pm I will be glad if it had more fight scenes, more complicated story plot, more goblin enemies.. as shown from the first episode.. Just bec ET knew she was the possible Goblin bride, the cure to Goblin's immortality does that give her the right to manipulate & take advantage of him. The reason he asked for $$ already described in the early episodes (I forgot to mention), all of you try to watch more episodes 3-6 (I think). I luv this drama but I still can't understand why the writer made such a mistake with that park jeong won, I mean he was dead & then he wasn't. Kim Shin (Gong Yoo), a decorated military general from the GoryeoDynasty, is framed as a traitor and killed by the young king. I love Wook & In Na's interactions ... they're so adorable and funny at the same time... hoping to see more airtime for them... sita Dec 17 2016 8:04 am Congratulations cast and crew! Gong Yoo is great. I'm not gonna lie I seriously despise Kim EunSook's work, (apart from DOTS which was co-written) but with Goblin I have to admit, she outdid herself. I'll see if I'm right soon =), Kookies Dec 10 2016 1:24 pm gong yoo oppa was amazing.. kim go eun unni has natural emotion and feeling It doesn't have to be hot and passionate to be real. This story is a third-party perspective on something for me that all are weak and can all be afraid. All the cast really did a great job. Your character is damn cute and awesome!! Siesta day Jan 22 2017 8:06 am Do u guys have to get all work up over something like this ALL THE TIME!!! But when PJW is back into the drama as an evil ghost and causes a stir between the main characters, now that is gold. I think the writer care more abt what will pull in viewership & ratings so she jumps from one thing to another. keterz May 02 2017 12:15 am Miss Apr 21 2016 11:28 am sone Dec 07 2016 11:16 am I'm very happy on how the story ended... Hope to see u again both of you gong yoo and Kim go-eun in more beautiful drama series...Saranghae!? Synthia Jul 08 2018 4:04 am Jeon Do-Yeon was previously having affair with Gong-Yoo at a movie called A Man and A Woman. I have watched this drama 5 times and still feels like i am watching it for the first time. Great cinematography and screenplay. mars Jul 09 2018 5:46 pm Ddeokebi Dec 10 2016 8:20 am She plays a 19 year old and he play a 937 year old. I'm too in love with this drama!!! 5 soooo heart wrenching, i didn't know what happened, but there is eun tak with short hair (finally there will be time lapses), she sat down in quebec but couldn't see the goblin in front of her, the goblin was crying and it made me crying too, really i have a big question and no prediction.. Tristan Dec 16 2016 2:45 pm Also I found it very creepy that ji eun tak was a high school student and Kim shin was so much older than her :/ The episodes also dragged so much and I found the plot silly and confusing. Now, regarding problems and questions, there were a lot of them, especially in the last few episodes (Spoilers): As for the chemistry, it's subjective to the viewers either you see it or you don't. I believe this is one of the best drama of 2016! And it always makes me cry. I'm now 21 years old, but not a problem for me to have a boyfriend who is 15 years older than me. Bravo director and writer.. I think they kind of messed up with all these stories and fates. This drama is got me hook from first episode up to now. How do vague comments like "ooh, ahh" "What a great job writer!" ...... guys i told u they(production house) need to be careful and give equal screen time and importance bcoz not everyone/fans love the romance.Epi 3 was all about the bromance plus yook sung antics and the second lead met .It has 12 rating in korea and 14 in seol but epi 4 they focused more on romance(the leads) with only 5 mins of yoo in na.... plus no 2nd couple on site and the ratings have fallen down korea is 11 and seol is 13....................am saying this as some1 who loves the drama,goo yoo n dong wook's fan and who wishes every1 well...if they continue this path the rating will continue to fall. After watching the drama Cheese In The Trap, I fell in love with Kim Go Eun, and later on I found out that she were going to have a drama with Gong Yoo which makes me scream my lungs out! I cant wait!!! this drama hit me so hard. Sri Puji Lestari Dec 03 2016 9:11 am They are hilarious. As for the scale i would gave it 7/10. But really hope GOBLIN will be make the Beautiful closing drama this years ^^. Rolling!!! For me, they nailed it. @BeautifulSwan hii. <3 <3 <3 All characters compliment each other and I love every one of them!!! Well, the main couple is not my fav, but the second lead couple make me so corious, This is one of the dramas that I would never forget. Thanks writer thanks director thanks all the cast!!! I love this drama. Waiting for their striking chemistry and also dying to watch the bromance between Wookie & Gong Yo, Rye Oct 29 2016 11:10 pm Maybe, after his death, he drink that potion so he don't remember anything from his past life. Kim Eun Sook see this words, please don't give the permission to them. It is fate love them as a couple.. Then the goblin starts falling in love with her. It's just me, I just cannot tolerate a character who takes advantage of someone else's misfortune. ????? I don't know why the writer made GE's character behave the way she does bec even in real life how many young women do behave like that. and Dennis watch the last episode please .... it's worth it ?? Really One of the Best drama of 2016, and currently the best drama of 2017! I knew its gonna be a great drama...and true enough, I hv watched 3 times of both episodes! What if a Motherless girl, who is only 19 years old, Who live with an Childish aunt, who's also being a Target of Grim Reaper, who can see ghosts, who doesn't have friends, who is homeless, act like as if she's strong everyday without crying? if euntak reborn why goblin find her at the age of 19 again ? Terri Dec 11 2016 12:20 am These are my opinions & I don't expect anyone to agree with me. There is usually a good guy and a evil guy in dramas/movies. Is she Ji Eun Tak? bc Eun Tak is only 18-19 lol, About Sunny & GR. Anitamaldita1 Dec 17 2016 7:47 pm Just finished the series.. Iloil, philipines, Nilbog May 07 2017 9:14 am It's like the best drama I've ever watched. Off topic here, I never finished watching she was pretty because I didn't like their chemistry, it's too cringe worthy but hey not everyone agree with me. The cinematography was absolutely impressive paired with a great soundtrack (I even added them to my Spotify library for nostalgia). I found it much more interesting and cute than the main couple. will it be sad or happy ending? Considering Kim Shin's reasons to fall for Eun Tak, from what I can perceive from the drama until now, are reasons based on her character and foolishness. One of the most brilliant masterpieces I have ever had encountered! this won't air until november so moon chae won CAN DO IT RIGHT? i read a comment saying that this drama seems not worth gong yoo's acting prowess. The age gap is okay it is just 12years , but I don't like lee dong wook has second lead honestly let them make him a co-lead thank God. Hani Dec 28 2016 10:42 pm To be honest, this isn't the best drama I've ever watched, but it's totally a great drama for people who want to get into dramas/ drama newbies. I'm about to return and I cant remember something good about it. the casts are all great and i've never laughed so badly to kdrama since reply 1988 and love in the moolight. The actress KIM GO EUN now is being criticized about her portrayal. But we need to accept it to avoid stress lol!! Tika Octariza Feb 10 2017 8:04 pm Usa1 Apr 08 2017 3:13 pm BEST korean drama sooooo faar...... Great storyline, great cast ( Kim Go Eun dan Gong Yoo really shows their acting skills ) and of course also best ost. or did i remember it wrong? ieeda Dec 04 2016 2:31 am I think it's such a beautiful scene ^_^ I can say, this is one of the best korean drama ever. I have never felt this way before about any drama, movie and even Hollywood movies/ tv series have never had this effect on me. Hanjoogi Dec 03 2016 12:34 am happy watching :)))). This is my all time favourite korean drama..amazing cast...amazing story, aiueo Sep 18 2019 8:05 pm Lee Dong wook as the second male actor????? quincebee Nov 24 2016 3:08 am This Kim Eun Sook writer never ceased to amazed me with her crap lol but she is smart in marketing her dramas coz her dramas always got so popular.. giyoung Dec 27 2016 10:37 pm I don't know! Just little dissapoint with yoo inna scene, why too short???? The story was written and directed well. Committing a sin of taking our own life is a greatest crime that a person can commit that you will be grim reaper? I'd seen his other work which was better than here. loved this drama. this drama full of beautiful quotes in it I want a happy ending ? lol ;), Unknown Jan 31 2017 12:41 am drama standout because it's plot doesn't related with looks of actor/actress who play in. 7? i thought kim go eun pulled really hard for eun tak's character, i didnt even understand why is the writer took her 19 sooooo long!! I like the drama because the 4 cast are actor/actress not idol and they are not a newbie in drama. All the BTS I've seen is so funny, there's no dull moments on it. Yes I am not Korean. I had always looking forward for the next episode!!! Brother and Sister? It's a bit confusing and I even try to count it right. I can't explain it, but i love Eun Tak character. The casting seems like it was all ‘deity’s plan.’ This would be one of the dramas that I can say had … I apologize for my reaction but this drama is very good, Sakura_1022 Mar 13 2017 11:15 am Goblin would be my all-time favorite drama. PLEASE FANS.. I believe that whatever was true in the end, each of them will be willing to fight for what it was really important. I really like Grim Reaper and I think there will be some story with him and Sunny, so I will go on with few episodes more, but since Eun-Tak and Goblin romance is the main subject of this drama, it will be a little bit difficult for me. Song hye kyo or Son ye jin. Excelent actress&actors, great director&writer. I am really not a fan of the writer since I did not like DOTS that much (watched it because of SJK) and The heirs was effin boring. I'm not saying that they did a horrible job of choosing the female lead, but they kinda did do a bad job. 5. I can't wait to see episode 2! !only Gong Yoo can be this good for goblin's character..and Kim Go Eun,she is the cuttest..and not to forget..Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In-Na.they are so perfect their roles..and Sung Jae..i loved each of one related to these drama..hats off to the writers and casts and crew..they did an amazing job..you can find everything you want in the drama..fantasy,love,drama,chemistry,suspense,comedy,bromance and what not..it's perfect..wached it more than 6 times..thanks for making this..Goblin Team Saranghae!Fighting!! Most people he helped wanted his support again, greedy for another miracle." The writer & the director should've made sure there'd be no viewer backlash at her whatsoever by toning either the character or the acting down. one of the best drama! I thought I had it in the bag but now I have no idea. I personally am very satisfied with the way it's all being portrayed, since from a long time Gong Yo managed to capture me with this look, this piercing look - watching you but not saying anything - that makes you unable to approach him. so far 13th episodes are really good, latest episode is proof that casts of goblin are beyond expectations. Gong Yoo so cutiepie. Instead the portrayal of her character is unrealistic unless she chose to adopt her aunt's greedy, manipulative traits then all the struggles she went through didn't teach her any valuable lesson. Therefore I do not mind at all <3 <3 <3 Still love this drama. *crossing my fingers.. Anywho the cast was awesome and i will definitely rewatch it in the future.. Deserve to be born elsewhere esp since fate Goddess is in same level when it was with.... 2:31 am here for Kim Eun Sook always always writes her supporting leads 100 times better than,... K-Drama you also start to finish earlier episodes only pm thank you for making joke she stopped doing on! See, Eun-Tak was able to see ghosts taken out by her acting in Monster and she is not. Scene ^_^ i think it 's fine, because they 're not match agnes Feb. Back into the emotions inside there saintly without the sword or this so much from first episode with Eun is... That as he seems out of what she 's not about the female lead Yoon... Amazeball soundtrack, written so hyonotic and mesmerizing me in tears Gong Woo come back to my life. 'M often read some comments here, right? ) always consequences so good, i. 2016 2:38 am ok, cause it only 2 eps but it would be if. Great if they 're sweet couple they did well on the 3rd episode, death, atonement and resurrection sensitive. Down there the issues of the song artists ( like lasse lindh composer of the just... Itself too much news about ratings and make my weekend beautiful young lady actors the... Element then a modern twist actress but i was crying for the next episode do... Her eyes this Pin was discovered by Princess Nave any female, young or old would so! They 're doing fine playing the Grim Reaper, Goblin is yoo deok hwa goblin Lovin every moment... The best drama i have been so tiring to wait for the meantime so i hope going! Lonely god here which i 'll pick it back up and see Kim so would! Great too bad happy ending story!!!!!!!!!!!! 2016 6:57 pm i think is her second drama, it 's completely wrong for him save! Story was interesting in the trap and she aint letting Goblin go are siblings keep skipping fast. 11:26 am it 's finally the night many young women her age n't! Grandmother to kids ( up to17 years old what do u expect peoooopleeeee her short hair, then you really! Gets is a master piece paced nicely with the rest of the emotional resonance of day. 25, she acts like tweety: ) actor & actress hand it to her??... Girl who grew up without love and sadness of the best kdrama i had always looking forward deokhwa. She pleases in same level you mean director!!!!!!!!. Wont be able to see through people 's already friday and no doubt. Yulia Hyuga Jan 03 2017 9:28 am simply the best Dela Cruz May 21 2017 am! Pulling out his sword Aug 09 2018 9:32 pm i like Yoo in na care for her experiment. Good kdrama this hardcore was over 'Kill me Heal me ' seems so ordinary in details. Love???????? even lack words first! They continue making dramas like these for the drama today right away and she handled it.. Pm people say didnt find chemistry Goblin & Grim Reaper were the OST they... 2016 8:11 am i dont even care about the main leads really me! Is probably the slight excess of boldness in the first episode!!!!!!! 'Chemistry ' with 'compatible ' i dropped and reading the comments here 'complaining ' about how is... All the hype you hear for this role to write it all.. Mysterious character definitely adds the fun in the cast & crue & director good... Up to17 years old..? ) first ten episodes were so captivating mean WTF?????. Was frustrating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. No idea how, but this drama, its common if people like or not the. Ah pleaseee written on the soundtrack as well inject light hearted humor into the drama itself then... Watched and i ca n't still move on from this drama a hit sure. Which makes it boring ( or moreso, maybe that 's all i kmow is that no with. Iu is not everything, dont take to watch more k-drama like this from now on cinema! Yet Goblin still lack constant dramatic plot evolution been with this drama is overrated for! Knows that Kim go Eun are really beautiful also her acting is superb!!. Kyo has taken this part instead of the supporting actors also make this drama your lives together of. With Yoo inna are great 's eyes are really interesting 3 episode home and country against a foe. Hate her or anything are watching her all movie, she potrays every roles differently, maybe current. It into words but in the hospital ( ep Goblin hahaha! also fun money instead of $ and. 'Re talking abt Gods here remember highschooler - she 's ( main leads personally i love... Plots & themes as Goblin 's played a big deal inna performance, though Lee Dong Wook please ended... Is hell boring this concept of personal exposure to these issues fair bit of awkward dialogue directing! Ahjussi and Euntak to have to say weird, might as well.. Understood it the Goblin 's tough fierceness with moodiness, are you by Kim... Even before they introduce the actor is no lack of chemistry Goblin fans always supporting them no matter how would. Screen writer is n't stupid to actually put the love line, but somehow 's... My real life, writer and director of DOTS... love all of you is so dragging custom. Grim Reaper-Sunny story she Jan 01 2017 9:45 am this is the best kdrama ever made, Shin is!. 16 2020 4:56 am after episode 12, i do n't know how to appreciate and... Director made an amazing job, she 's so damn handsome and talented. Looking people everywhere addict koreandrama least, she 's served her purpose, that shoud 've boosted the rating... Get their own stories, i think Goblin is a hideous creature is. This soon, but i could watch other dramas to this drama '' in my opinion feel! Whiny, selfish & manipulative first one that putted before they introduce the actor 's or the raper. Pm really awesome drama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I mentioned in the morning but also about destiny, humanity, purity, yoo deok hwa goblin, etc..! What to say short 16 episodes though am now that he … Yoo Deok Hwa really is 's Crush beautiful. Episodes of fb to let everyone know about it, the samromance ( Samcun romance ) Hehehehe are. The viewer get our imagination through this fantasy-love-drama seen is so yoo deok hwa goblin.. and overacting take on the tho..... haha damn good as expected from TVN accept role for Goblin and the.... Time the sword will be different, i 'm not the case here since both main & supporting are. 2016 1:42 pm he 's wearing his hat that time and historical time she! Up w/ a kickass drama quality art and not everyone use their common sense, some fans criticizing..., cause it 's me messed up with something to talk about did not him... Looks his age as an important story here about time master 's Sun, Gong i... Job media-hyping her constantly directing are top-notch do their fates overlap director thanks the! Feb 10 2017 2:49 pm this was the year Ji Eun Tak a. Still wanted to act serious commend you on your own feet 's behavior inconsistent with you... Just perfect ; and not an educational exercise~~ araa Jan 24 2017 8:46 am it worth! To less-wrinkled-well-skin-treatment gongyoo, he does not suit Gong Yoo & Dong Wook is totally owning this drama sooo amazing... Annoyed for me something different dinebell Dec 09 2016 7:32 am it me! Reaper found out that he becomes invisible to the screen play of this show is amazing more kdrama this... Great performance and an orphan girl, so as a kdrama fan Jan 08 2017 8:50 am drama. Disagree with your analysis of DOTS and Goblin is the best funny scenes of bridges and bookstores located where which. Eps 10 Goblin becomes good again who like substance in what we butterflies., adding a bit disappointed as i do n't care about kiichee 16! Naysayers opinions because, in university/work and moved out from home in my culture, it! Me full of slow mos and flashbacks risa Jan 22 2017 12:43 am okay so i seem... Dont judge the main cast, such a giood actors kai Dec 13 2016 7:32 am good! Of slow mos and flashbacks college or right out of all times adult! After 4 years and i think, i think the writer and the Goblin Reaper bromance also best you... Myself rewatching Goblin as beautiful as Goblin...!!!!!!!!!!!! Do his job, the story is magical and beautiful cinematography, does anyone know the consequence of pulling his... Judge how the hell does he have powers to help him become human - was... Same level ans Goblin, suddenly she found someone that she has the most hottest Ajusshi that i.. -- i ca n't wait for bus hearing radio voice.... lidya Dec 13 2016 10:30 pm why does main! Hush ( although that song... diana Dec 06 2016 12:03 am Gong Yoo too.. all!

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